Friday, March 13, 2009

Fish, waffles & the MIC...

Meet me @ the Key Club in Newark, NJ tonight...peep their menu...

As for me-Give me the fish and waffles and the candy yams, and the MIC...


  1. Hey Eric,
    My Name is Renee !I met you at the show in Newark, and you and I took pics and soo did my sisters !! I must say you give a Hell of a show !! Also your band was GREAT !! I loved should we try !! This was one of the best nights ever !! I must say!If you have not seened his show you MUST !! You are cheating yourself !!
    Stay in touch !!
    One of your Biggest Fans !!

  2. Erro

    What a fabulous show in Newark on Friday! I am such a HUGE fan of you and the band, you guys are incredibly talented. Thanks for taking a pic with me and signing my Vault 1.5 CD. And MANY THANKS for taking my camera onstage and singing with it...i loved it! Real artistry is rare these days and you are such a breath of fresh air. Can't wait until the next time I get to see you live.

    #1 Fan - Jasmin