Monday, March 9, 2009

this weekend...

So i had a busy weekend. Friday night i performed at a ski trip in the Poconos for a group from DC and Baltimore. Shout out to them and i hope to see you all at my DC show next week at the new club, The Scene.

I got home around 5am, and though i was quite tired my spirits were lifted when i saw a StonesThrow box sitting on my kitchen counter.
My MaDukes TShirt showed up and suddenly packing for my 10am flight got a lot easier.

So i laid my head down with a big smile on my face, and it seemed like the alarm clock went off right when i closed my eyes.

So i got to Miami around 1pm. I had rehearsal with the house band i was using at 3pm. Got back to the hotel and laid down an hour and then came and rocked the show with Jesse Boykins, III

I walked in while he was caressing a young lady's leg, he pulled up from the crowd during Pantyhose. If you dont know about this amazing young man check him out at

The show was crazy and i thank every one who attended. Check the MaDukes Tee out and remember to go cop one for a great cause at: RAISE IT UP FOR MA DUKES! T-shirt.


ps: the deadline for photo submissions is March 20th

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  1. Thank you thank you and thank you for coming back to South Florida!!! You could have cancelled, you could have stayed home, could have just stayed in the Poconos but you came back.

    Your performance and dedication is much appreciated. After a marathon session of "Design on Dime/This Old House" at my condo, I too was beyond tired not to mention covered in paint..but knowing that there was good music waiting for me was energy enough to make it down to the Caleb Center!

    Like I said in a previous comment..what you have is PLATINUM, the radio is Foil not mix your PLATINUM with their FOIL PAPER.

    Hopefully next year...(or maybe this year..I believe all things are possible) I hope to see you in the line up at Jazz In The Gardens

    It's the biggest thing next to palm trees down here. You are truly deserving of performing in the yearly showcase of top calibur artists.

    Keep making good music!!!!

    p.s. Your CD is now in heavy rotation in my car. My friend bought the CD for me after your show. He is now a fan as well!