Friday, October 5, 2007


So its 1am here. My eyes and body are suffering from jet lag, but my mind is saying its only 8pm. So we arrived in London early this morning and ate the nastiest breakfast ever created. I’ve learned from several trips here that you have to look hard to find good food out here. We were so hungry though the band didn’t complain much about the mushrooms and beans on the plate with their eggs and potatoes.
The band had the day off. Foolishly I paid them a weeks worth of perdium and some of them already spent that on shopping. Hahahaha.. they took a vote and decided they want to be paid the show money once the tour is over. That’s smart really. One our dollar is extremely weak out here. 2 dollars to their 1. Real talk. So they don’t need to be walking around with the temptation to spend all their money in all these cities we will be going to.
I honestly don’t know if I’m even going to make money on this tour. This is the first time I’ve planned a tour of Europe. Usually it’s a city or two and we’re headed back home. The days off are what’s going to kill me though. Just take today for instance. I paid 500 american dollars in hotels today. And that’s us doubling up. I paid each band member 40 dollars a day for perdium. Its 5 of them so that’s 200, plus the 500 for the hotel rooms and that’s 700 dollars on a day I didn’t make a dime. Hahahaha.. “real talk” We go to Birmingham tomorrow, so we’re gonna be hustling these cds something serious. But I have to attempt this tour to lay the foundation for our future tours here. I have a great following in London, Sweden, and Amterdam, but its time to spread it, as well as connect the dots.
Oh not to mention Anthony David is joining me on the tour. I gotta big him up big time, cause he said he would open for me for free. Real Talk. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to bring him, so that truly helps. And I probably am sharing too much info, but I feel some things need to be known. Like the heart of a good genuine brother. He and I are doing a Japan tour at the end of the month too. Okay well stay tuned to the adventure of Erro and the Smoke Signals on tour overseas. Good night. “real talk”.. (okay im tweeking on the “real talk” cause I just watched r kelly’s video on you tube. Hahahahahahahaha..)


  1. Yeah erro thats alot but i know you will reep the rewards of your genorsity and hard work. I def can understand the costs of being self employed with employee, but i def got an awesome feeling this will be the first of many european tours ur walkin in prophecy u can never go wrong with that, we just have to remind ourselves that our current circmstances do not define where we are going well ive blown enough time i gotta hit the road to meet up with my cousin we were gona go to the museum but imma just go to a couple of movies, maybe shop if it's a sell or somethinhg and go eat. heheheehe , cuz im running late and with the museums and stuff its parking and erveythin. and driving expenses. but ill def do the zoo one day soon

    be blessed and i kno it will be awesome. and yeah taht anthony david is blessed too.

    it will be find pray for me as i continue to pray for us all

    peace beeone

  2. Eric:

    I wish I could see you and Anthony in concert in London. I attended your birthday bash at SOB's and loved every minute of the concert. Try to enjoy your stay over in the UK.


  3. Eric I really appreciate the fact that you are willing to be so real with us. You know that so many times artists put up a front like finances don't matter and that makes the things you guys do seem somewhat impossible to us litte guys. Good luck on the rest of the tour. I'm pissed because I'll be leaving New York the day before you perform there so hopefully I'll catch you in the "A". Oh Yeah, "Right or Wrong" is my new favorite cut. Holla

    Nick Eden

  4. keep walking in the light. abundance is yours. travel safely.
    peace and creativity. ananda

  5. real talk that was a tight blog son real talk real talk lol lol

    why do folks always say that lol