Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We had lobby call at 6AM to catch taxis to the train station. Surprisingly the band was on time. My voice was in really bad shape due to jet lag and having to get up so early, but I felt I would be alright as long as I took the proper steps.
This trip to Paris made me realize how much we, (the band and i) sleep in the oddest places. Trains, taxis, dressing room couches, pretty much any where you can get it in. we arrived in Paris at about 2pm. Santosh from Dome Records, the label that licenses my last two albums in Europe, had about 5 interviews set up for me in the hotel lobby. All the interviews went well. Very nice people. I finished up around 6PM, and decided to skip sound check in order to rest my voice. I went to sleep for a couple of hours, which helped a great deal, but when I woke up my voice was still sleep. So I did about an hour of vocal exercises, followed by several liters of water and Gatorade.
When I entered the venue Anthony was still performing. He was tearing up the stage, and the band improved a great deal backing him since the first gig. The place was packed and the crowd was showing a lot of love. That made me very happy. This was my first show in Paris, so I didn’t know what to expect. My voice was still stiff when I went onstage, but I figured I would use the first couple of songs to warm up. My falsetto was fine, but my mid range was raspy due to fatigue. Usually the falsetto is the first to go, so I found that odd. I was fine by Softest Lips, and we did about an hour and a half.
Yo and let me add this. Anthony got behind the lighting controls and ran lights for my show. He pretty much knows my show so he added a lot to it. I really appreciate that, and it just goes to show how good a person he is.
Everything was going smoothly. Anthony and I were at a table greeting people and signing cds. Then I got word that Rashid’s father was taken to the hospital. We were all quite worried, and Rashid handled it the best he could, but was obviously shaken. This is the worst nightmare for us. For something to happen to our family while we are so far from home. Out of respect I wont go into what happen, but it seems his father will be fine. At one point we thought Rashid would have to fly home, which would have been fine with me. He’s the music director of the band, but family is priority number one, so we couldn’t even think about gigs at that point. Needless to say, all seems well but please pray for us, and our love ones.
Paris was beautiful, but clearly this wasn’t the trip I was going to be able to see it. Our train to London left at 9am, so Dmo, my assistant and I went back to the hotel to take care of some business. The rest of the band spent the night walking the streets of Paris. That was great reward after a long day for the band, and for Rashid to help take his mind off of things. They came back in the morning completely in love with Paris. Dmo was disappointed he couldn’t see Paris, but understood the responsibilities that comes with his job.
So the pics I added are from the Paris crowd, and all the guys knocked out on the train. Cheers.


  1. HAHAHA...Been there, done that, SLEPT EVERYWHERE!!...but those are the things we do to make the memories we live for. I'd love to see your show live....I love performing with a live band more than anything else... You guys continue to be safe and I hope all stays well with you all. Prayers to Rahsid's father.


  2. definitely saying a prayer for ya'll and the families. i'm mad you took them pics of them sleeping lol you and that camera. you have plenty of blackmail pics for sure lol

    AD definitely has a kind spirit to do what it did

    continued success and pray safe travels for the duration of the Erro meets Euro tour :-)

  3. I will def keep u and ur band in my prayers thanks my girl who is in japan is back in chi too her dad passes away thanks for sharing about rashid i am glasd his dad is okay and he didnt have to ride back alone on that flight wondering .....them flights back wondering can be suthin else esp 13 14 hours gottta be worsse glad u saw your games and be blessed i def gotta catch anthony d again real soon peace b

  4. I was sure you weren't going to find time to blog with the tour! I read all four posts straight. You must either really like blogging or love your fans! Thanks for posting amidst your busy schedule.

  5. Well, I am glad things turned out positively. There will always be mishaps, and circumstances beyond control. But I am glad things are going forward and not retracting. Keep up the good work, and safe travels throughout the tour...

  6. Erro:

    Thanks for the pictures. You guys are knocked out. lol...

  7. Everybody is catching zzz's. Gotta catch it when you can.

  8. You, Left is fresh man, keep up the work!

  9. looks like some good a$$ sleep was kicked off right let me zoom in & see who's slobbing...lmbo!