Sunday, October 21, 2007


Everybody is hurting today. The guys stayed up all night walking all over Paris. Even though D Mo and I didn’t hang, we got back from the show crazy late and had to stay up checking flights and double checking everything for the next city. So catching a 9am train was tough.
So we have several days off, and as much as we need to sleep, most of us stayed up. We were invited to the Jazz Café for dinner. I can’t tell you how much of a blessing that was. Most of the guys were low on the per dium, and could use a good meal outside of KFC. A legendary bassist and vocalist, named Richard Bona was playing with his band. Ray, my bass player went bookers when he found out. I was actually feeling horrible and could feel a cold coming on, but we trekked (2 blocks) in the rain to go.
It was so good to see the familiar faces of the staff that have taken such good care of me and my team over the years. The food was very good, as usual. Especially the bread. I haven’t done dairy at all, but I had to put some butter on that bread. Anyway on to the show…
I will be honest. I never heard of Richard Bona before, but trust I am a fan from now on. His voice was as pure as the water Jesus was baptized in, and his bass playing was mind blowing. The overall show and band was a clinic for us from start to finish. It was so good for my band and I to see them do their thing. It inspired us, focused us, and brought us even closer together as a band, and a family. My head, nose and throat was hurting so much that if his show was any less than incredible I would have bounced, but it held me to the very end.
We waited after everything was over to meet him, and take some pictures. Ray was especially excited to meet him. He was like a kid in a candy store. I appreciate the fact that Richard Bona took the time to talk with him, and show interest in what Ray was doing. Man this guy was a complete artist and good person. Please google his name, and check him out right now.
So of course we had a band meeting that night to talk about what we experienced and learned from the show. I think we have a great show, and people are always pleased, but there’s always room for improvement. Or shall I say room to add inspiration. There is always room for that.


  1. I pray and hope you fell better erro. and thanks for the pics and the updates get some rest and sleep and evrythnag, thakks for giving us the higlights and the pics we appreciate it. be blessed


  2. Hey Erro!

    Saw you at the Jazz Cafe last Friday. Without getting into too much detail - I have been going through a pretty crap time recently. Your show was just the tonic. I left the Jazz Cafe on cloud infinity! In fact I'm still on a high - got all your albums on loop on my ipod. Thank you so much for the beautiful music, the full set... and hanging around to meet with your fans. Don't leave it too long till we see you in London again!



  3. It's so funny to hear you talking about Richard Bona like that...because it's the exact same way people feel when they are in your presence E! Be it for the first time or the 50th time. Not me though...I aint phased by all'a dat hahahahahh (just playin)

    Rah x

  4. It was good seeing you at Jazz cafe, first time i saw you there was the Stevie tribute
    here is a link to some shots of you performing

  5. Hi Eric This is Diane, I took you and Madd Props to LA when you were at Howard glad to see you doing your thang much love and congrads on your deserved success. Peace