Sunday, October 21, 2007


Okay I am sick as a dog. Probably the worst I’ve been all year. God is a comedian, cause he would wait for me to come to one of my favorite places to hit me. But I thank Him for allowing it to happen when I have a few days off to get myself together. Performing on stages all over the world for years has taught me that I can pretty much get thru anything, so I am not that worried. If I stick to my regiment, rest and medicate myself, I feel my voice will be 100 percent by Friday. And it needs to be. Last time we did a concert at Jazz Café we rocked for 3 HOURS. Hahahaha…
So I laid in the bed the entire day. I drank water, apple juice and hot tea mixed with honey loquat til I was about to burst. I also called my father and had him ship me a case of Gatorades. Would you believe they don’t sell it in Europe? Anyone who has been to my show over the last year knows how I need two things on stage with me. Honey loquat and Gatorade in no particular order. So I cut the phone calls to a minimum. Did my vocal exercises every couple of hours, and stood in a steaming hot shower for close to an hour.
I hated I wasn’t able to take the band anywhere. I appreciate the fact that they entertained themselves and worked on music and the show. Let me say this also. I had a conversation with Irv and Rashid some time ago about taking advantage of free time and the opportunities at hand. I like the fact they took that to heart and I’ve seen a difference. One being the fact they packed their whole studio and brought it with them. Speakers and all. They’ve been setting it up in these hotels and rocking out. Having hotel managers come by their room to have them turn it down. Hahahaha.. Hey but you never know. That track you did in the hotel room when you could have went to the club or something, could buy you a house or car. It is the business of music right?