Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Okay I promise that I will finish posting all about the UK tour, but let me tell you about what is going on now. The band, Anthony, his woman, Lisa, and I took the 13 hour flight to Tokyo Japan. There’s not much to say about the flight. It’s tough anyway you look at it. We landed on Thursday, and that was pretty much a rest day. Nothing you can really do. Your body and your inner time clock is all twisted up. We were greeted by a cool cat named Rene. It was good to be met with such good energy to start the trip but he soon gave me horrible news. Though I was told Japan had Gatorade, Rene said he’s never seen it there. I didn’t bring Honey Loquat or anything, so doing 6 shows in 3 days was gonna be tough with out my dear Gatorade. Well we had a long bus ride to downtown Tokyo that I got some good sleep on. I put on my ipod and zoned out to a jazz album Ian gave me the other day by this brother named, John Potter. Ian and I shared a brief convoe about this album right before I dozed off. Well I woke up to good and bad news. One the guys spotted Gatorade in a vendor machine, but the bad news was we didn’t stop and buy them all up. All good though. That was the glimmer of hope I was hoping for. So we get to the hotel, and once again are greeted by great smiles and beautiful energies. One thing about Japan I must say is they are the best when it comes to costumer service.
We thought about going to the Cotton Club to see this Japanese pianist perform, but realized we couldn’t handle traveling another second. Plus our rooms were lovely and inviting. And had internet. Hahahahaha… So the Smoke Signals and I left to find some food and the eluding Gatorade. We passed a McDonalds. That may come in handy at some point. Well after walking around for quite sometime we abandoned the Gator hunt and focused on food. We food this sushi spot in the cut. Most of the guys have never tried sushi before. Where better to try sushi than Japan. They couldn’t speak a lick of English but they had pictures so we were straight. I ordered for mostly everyone, but Rashid who I turned onto sushi sometime ago. Took some convincing before the guys accepted the idea of eating an eel roll. “It’s the best tasting thing here”, I said. So raw and boiled shrimp, crab and eel was what we mainly stuck with, until Rashid order the sea orchid thinking it was fried. Clearly it was not, but like the trooper he is that guy took it down. It looked shaky at first but he took it down. So then they ordered me something that I refuse to say what it resembles. I ate it though. Wasn’t that bad. So we left there happy but not exactly full. Told you that McDonalds was gonna come in handy.

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