Sunday, October 21, 2007


Well there’s work to be done. I am recording some songs for Mica Paris’s radio show. It’s not the earliest we have to leave, but I could have used some more sleep. I am still feeling horrible. I’m bringing D Mo, Ian and Rashid to play. So my Gatorade showed up thank you JESUS… Didn’t know it would cost 250 dollars to ship, but all is good.
Well the taping went really well. Mica was a sweet heart, and quite funny. The producer was really cool as well. We enjoyed talking with him. Especially when he showed us this new D’Angelo album that was released in the U.K.. Wow talking about getting your juices running. So we did the songs, (Just A Dream, and Pretty Girl) and went back to the hotel.
Peter and Santosh, owners of Dome Records took the band and I out for dinner. The food was good and we had fun. Santosh had us playing games, like if you were on an island and could have a movie, a book, and a cd, which would you chose. Well I picked Purple Rain, so I could have all my palettes filled with one movie. I picked the Koran, cause someone already picked the Bible, and we couldn’t repeat answer. I would need some inspiration if I’m on a deserted island. And for my album I picked Radiohead’s “OK Computer.” If I did it all over I possibly would pick Commissioned’s “Go Tell Somebody.” I would be straight with either one.
I’m noticing that band members are nitpicking with each other, which comes with being on the road together for so long. It was very obvious tonight, so at some point I will have to address it in order to keep everything neutral.


  1. Thank you for dropping the collection.. I finally got through the entire cd yesterday.. and listening again this am to help me get through my morning.. We can't pretend and Miles away are my favorites so far..

  2. man that is expensive erro, but i am glad you are doing better and ejoying some down town with the band take care pray all is well fro tokyo peace

  3. 250 dollars for some gatorade...I think you need to start packing some of those powder packs with you.

  4. I see your working hard i'm sure you know that all of that hard work has it's rewards.

  5. Great pics with Pete and Tosh!