Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Today has been fairly easy so far. We had lobby call at 12pm, so the band got a lil bit of rest. Plus they had their own rooms so they were happy about that. The new van gave us a little bit of trouble on the ride back but it made it. Thank God. This will be a fairly easy day. I doubt I will meet up with friends or do much. I am pretty much on vocal rest today. I will only speak when I have to. Though Anthony and I had a good conversation in the van about life, music, love, and how us indie artist need to do more together. So now its water, water, water, tea, tea, tea, and some rest. All hell breaks loose in Paris tomorrow.
Wait, there is so much more. Now most know I am a big New York Giants fan, and football fan in general. Well Ian and Dmo hooked it up where I was able to watch the game online. It wasn’t the clearest, and froze from time to time, but I was like a kid in a candy store. Plus my Giants won. *Big Smile* Plus I belong to 3 fantasy football leagues, and won all 3 of my games. Don’t know how that happen, being I couldn’t keep and eye on what was going on in the league. So as much as I needed to goto sleep, I stayed up too late in order to see as much football as I could. I fell asleep on the late night game at around 1am London time.


  1. Let 'em know you coming up in fantasy homie... even the Giants look like they maybe resurging (that won't last long) I think this is good for upcoming artists to understand what the road is really like... and understand what they need to do in order to maintain on the road (my question that got jacked during the soul summit) Keep pressing...

  2. God Bless you Eric for coming to London. I watched you at the Jazz Cafe on Sat 17th and you truly blew my mind away.
    I loved how you seduced the monitors to make them work and your freestyle about oranges, traffic lights, condoms and seduction was so funny.
    I know you said that your orginal guitarist is on a 'band idol' show but keep the white guy (sorry babe i can't remember your name)his solo in For you was skillful and memorizing!

    I love your albums, i'm so glad choice fm and my brother introduce you to my ears and soul.

    Keep up the good work and hurry up and come back, i've been plugging you like no tomorrow and people wanna see you.